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We are applying (again) to a gifted program in our public schools. Among other things, we have to give three examples of the child’s advanced abilities.

You should consider referring your child for this program if some or all of the following describe your child: :
* Displays advanced thinking skills
* Demonstrates knowledge of many different things
* Quickly sees why things happen and what causes them to happen
* Understands new ideas or subjects with little effort
* Shows a great deal of curiosity
* Sees and creates patterns in areas such as speech, art, music, numbers, and nature
* Continues to work on a project regardless of time or space limitations
* Obsesses in an interest area
* Insists on perfection
* Recognizes the humor in different situations
* Makes connections
* Perceives and observes beyond his/her years
* Approaches ideas and problems from a number of perspectives

Which of the following do you think we should include in the application? Or maybe you have better ideas.

1. Maxim can read chapter books both in Russian and English.
2. He can write essays a couple pages long in both Russian and English.
3. Maxim is very inquisitive and interested in learning how things work.
4. He understands very well that there is always something he can learn.
5. He has a very impressive (to us) analytical approach to everything around him.
6. M. is very interested in biology - he knows a lot about different animals (their habits, diet, habitat), about human body (immune system, brain, circulation), and constantly asks and reads to find out even more.
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