Oct. 17th, 2011

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At some point I wrote about cold lunch ideas (see here). We still mostly give warm lunch (in a thermos now), but in the summer I mostly made it cold.

By the way, I am still in search of a thermos. The standard ones are too narrow and tall and not large enough for some things. The fancy one I find quite restrictive in that you have to always fill THESE containers. Say, one hot thing and an individual jar of yogurt is not an option. if the insulated container has something hot, you can't chill the other one. I bought these again, but the insulated cover cracks after a while.

A few more ideas for a cold lunch:
- a hard-boiled egg with a side of cheese/crackers/bread_with_cheese/cherry tomatoes/baby carrots/asparagus/broccoli and a yogurt. I use egg shaper to make them more fun.
- pancakes (zucchini pancakes for a healthier option) with sweet yogurt on the side or plain yogurt and some jam (the american non-greasy variety, of course, fried with no oil)
- sandwich with chicken breast and pesto
- pasta salad - pasta (elbows) with cherry tomato halves, olive oil and basil
- rice salad (tuna version is most common, but my kids prefer chicken)
- potato salad (does not have to be with mayo. Yogurt-dill-cucumber version is delicious - for me)
- ratatouille (baklazhannaya ikra) with bread (usually for me)
- bagel with cream cheese and, say, smoked salmon or cucumber
- any kind of pie/quiche (you can make and eat it for dinner on weekend and then send leftovers to school for lunch)
- rice balls (I like them with sesame, salmon in the middle adds a nice touch)
Here is a website with tons of cold lunch ideas: http://lunchinabox.net/


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